diabetes in old age

Nowadays, people are getting older and the risk of diabetes increases with age. Not all seniors are diagnosed with diabetes, since the disease hardly shows any symptoms in old age and diabetes is then usually not discovered at all, discovered too late or only by chance. Diabetes is usually only recognized when older people complain of nerve pain in their legs. The disease can also be detected during a routine examination by an ophthalmologist if they detect changes in the retina. Diabetes can also be detected in a patient who is hospitalized for a heart attack .

Disorders in diabetes in the elderly

Old people
In old age, people often suffer from several (geriatric) chronic diseases. In addition to diabetes, this can be overweight and high blood pressure. Neurological diseases can quickly lead to kidney disease. In people who suffer from many diseases, the risk of diabetes increases due to the interactions and side effects of the medications they are taking. However, signs of diabetes can also include a constant need to urinate, urinary tract infections, dehydration, falling frequently, persistent fatigue, and unsteadiness when walking . Diagnosing diabetes and treating it can allow disease to be curbed and even dementia to improve if blood sugar levels are regulated. Even impaired smell and taste leads to unhealthy and irregular food intake and carries the risk of hypoglycaemia. Age-appropriate management of diabetes can significantly improve the quality of life for all older people. Older people should therefore be checked regularly for a disturbance in their sugar metabolism. Even old age does not mean that insulin should be avoided. The earlier insulin therapy is started, the better geriatric people can be helped to achieve a solid metabolism. Metabolism is necessary to support body cells and gain energy. The metabolism maintains the power in the body and drives it. In addition to insulin therapy for diabetes in old age , a healthy diet is important. A lot of fresh fruit and vegetables should be eaten and it is best to replace light bread with whole grain bread. The consumption of meat should be limited so that unhealthy fat and harmful sugars cannot be stored excessively in the body.

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Nowadays, people are getting older and the risk of diabetes increases with age. Diabetes is not recognized in all seniors.

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