Diabetes – this is how you eat perfectly

" Diabetes mellitus " - too good German the sugar disease Diabetes is a metabolic disease, which requires a balanced and healthy diet as well as a lot of exercise. All of this is helpful during therapy. But even people who do not suffer from type 1 or 2 diabetes can use it to avoid or prevent it and thus avoid later complications. While it used to be said that a diabetic had to eat strictly according to a diet plan, today's knowledge has contributed to the fact that this no longer has to be the case and that a healthy , balanced diet is quite sufficient as long as it contains a lot of fresh vegetables.

Diet, medication and exercise – there has to be a balance here

Proper blood sugar control is a very important aspect of diabetes and it only works perfectly when there is a balance between medication, diet and exercise. In the past, diabetics had to follow a strict diet, which resulted in an increase in insulin levels in the blood, but to prevent hypoglycaemia they had to eat more, or rather they had to eat to counteract it. Today it looks very different. Today, the amount of carbohydrates that the diabetic eats determines how the medication turns out. In order for the balance between diet and medication to be right, it is important that the diabetic takes part in a training course that explains how the medication for the night hours works out and also for the start of the day, because this is where it falls completely different than during the day.

Carbohydrates - how much do you need?

The carbohydrates for diabetics are divided into BE (bread units), which makes the diet very clear. So 10 - 12 grams of carbohydrates are a bread unit, which is also called a calculation unit. A BE is contained, for example, in half an apple, a medium-sized potato or half a bread roll. While it used to be the case that a diabetic had to live exactly according to a BE framework, which was also linked to the rule not to consume sugar and, above all, to eat his BE at certain times, today the diabetic decides for himself , how, what and when. Or rather, the diabetic determines within a healthy framework how much carbohydrates he consumes and then adjusts his medication accordingly. The diabetic learns how this works from their doctor as well as other important information.

Viet Trinh

Today the amount of carbohydrates is decisive for the medication. The balance between diet and medication is all the more important.

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