The best skin care for every skin type

The skin is the reflection of our inner being and therefore you should pay special attention to your skin. Depending on your skin type, your skin needs individual care. In addition, additional factors such as the time of year must be considered in order to give your skin the right care. Knowing your skin type will also help you to find the right care for you.

The different skin types

The different skin types are divided into 3 different categories . The first skin type has oily skin caused by increased fat production. The skin shines and is more prone to blemishes. The second skin type is combination skin , a mixture of oily and dry skin. The third skin type tends towards dry skin . This occurs when not enough moisture is produced. People with this skin type are prone to cracking, redness, and wrinkles .

Care for oily skin

Oily skin can be recognized by its sheen, at least in the case of very pronounced forms. A look in the mirror after getting up helps with the less pronounced forms: if you recognize a slight shine, then you belong to the type who tends to have oily skin. When examining your skin, pay particular attention to the forehead, nose and chin area. People with oily skin are prone to blemishes, but unlike people with dry skin, this skin type is less prone to wrinkling. When it comes to skin care, you should use products that have been specially developed for oily skin. On the other hand, care products that are too greasy should be avoided, although products with a lot of moisture are not a problem. In addition, care should be taken to ensure that the care products have a skin-soothing and antibacterial effect. Care products containing alcohol should also be avoided, as they irritate the skin further. Under no circumstances should products be used that remove moisture from the skin. The fats produced by the sebaceous glands act as a natural moisturizer for the skin. In addition, products that remove moisture from the skin stimulate the sebaceous glands to increase their oil production. This leads to even greater skin problems. So instead of depriving the skin of all moisture, you should try to reduce the production of fats. Oily skin should be kept clean if possible, the pore openings should remain clean. Dead cells, dirt and bacteria otherwise cause skin impurities such as pimples by clogging the pores. Using gentle cleansers, the skin should be cleaned mornings and evenings with warm (not hot!) water and a washcloth. A weekly skin peeling ensures clean pores.

Care for dry skin

Dry skin is cracked and brittle, sometimes even scaly and tends to redden. In addition, dry skin emphasizes wrinkles. Dry skin can be recognized by the fact that the first layer of skin usually sheds its skin and appears tight . When you stroke the skin, it feels rough and cracked. In addition, the pores are very small. Various circumstances such as winter cold and heating and air conditioning air can cause dry skin. If you tend to have dry skin, then you should make sure that you keep the skin moisture that you have. You should therefore refrain from using alcohol-based care products, as these remove the existing moisture from the skin. In the mornings and evenings you should cleanse your skin with a mild skin care product specially designed for dry skin. It is best to use a soft towel to dry the cleansed skin and care for your skin with a mild moisturizing cream. It has also proven useful if the moisturizing cream also contains vitamin E.

Care for combination skin

Combination skin requires demanding care. It is a mixture of normal, oily and dry skin. In the so-called T-zone (forehead, nose), the greasy part of combination skin is usually noticeable, with the cheeks usually being dry. You should clean your skin with warm water and the care product in the morning and evening. A weekly exfoliation to remove dead skin cells prevents breakouts. Proper care is a balancing act, as the oily areas need to be degreased and the dry areas of the skin need to be moisturized. If you have combination skin, you should use care products that have been specially developed for combination skin .

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The skin is the reflection of our inner being and therefore you should pay a lot of attention to your skin. Read some care tips here!

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