The new form of consciousness: WOYO

There are always new types of fitness with which the fitness studios want to attract their customers. Now it's that time again and this new form is called: WOYO . The exercises are largely already known to those who do yoga, only a pinch of workout was added and the new fitness boom was born. WOYO is about posture correction and muscle strengthening, particularly interesting for those who have had posture problems since childhood. These people benefit from the new form of active body awareness. The training program was developed by Dr. Sonja Söder and her partner Peter Schlösser. After that, they presented it in different gyms for a few years and the success proved them right.

Revision of Yoga

Admittedly, WOYO has its advantages, because it is more or less yoga that has undergone an all-round renewal. Among other things, the abdominal muscles are strengthened, but also the pelvis and muscles. The legs are tightened and the stomach, legs and bottom are also involved. WOYO should primarily relieve the spine and relieve tension. However, WOYO should be used regularly, otherwise the better posture and resilience will not work. Blockages are released and people who practice WOYO feel reborn right from the first exercises. However, the exercises should be done in a pleasant environment and with enthusiasm. This is the only way for those who enjoy WOYO to get the mobility they want.

Anyone can participate

WOYO is intended for every age group, from very young to old age, people can take part in the exercises, WOYO is also something for pregnant women, of course in a slightly modified form, because some women who are expecting a child are tense and also feel tense unwell, the fitness mix can also help here. WOYO is particularly recommended after pregnancy, because then the connective tissue can also recede. The whole thing becomes individual when aids are used, such as mats, blankets, balls or blocks. Every visitor can put together their personal mix and thus find out which body region still needs exercises. There is also no monotony at WOYO, because every hour can be used differently. WOYO is the new miracle weapon even for the little ones who enjoy sports. WOYO sustainably promotes concentration and balance. WOYO can work wonders, especially with children whose posture leaves a lot to be desired.

Medically recommended

Even doctors who have dealt with WOYO can only report positive things about it and are happy to pass on recommendations when it comes to adults and especially children who have difficulty sitting still, because this type of fitness requires a certain amount of stamina and above all much patience. Of course, Woyo is available in gyms in big cities, but not all offer it now. If you want to try it, you have to inquire beforehand where you can find this fitness program. People of all ages who do not have a physical disability can take part. Unfortunately, WOYO is not supported by health insurance companies, nor by private individuals, but fitness studios usually offer cheap monthly or annual subscriptions. An extra price may be negotiated for whole families or groups.

Viet Trinh

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