A healthy diet during pregnancy

Especially during pregnancy, it is important that you not only give your child the right nutrients, but also your own body. If you follow a few important tips during pregnancy, you can cover the nutrient balance of the child and your own in a very targeted manner.

The basis: vegetables & fruit

Anyone who is pregnant is dependent on a balanced mixed diet , because the body only wants one thing during this time: vitamins! This is why seasonal fruits and vegetables should always be on the menu, as well as other important foods. Strawberries and oranges, for example, provide a particularly large amount of vitamins, and the carrots are just overflowing with vitamin A. Since hardly any vegetables or fruit grow in Germany in winter, you should then access important foods such as wholemeal bread, which contains vitamin B and folic acid, and milk , which provides calcium. Potatoes are another nutritious choice, and not just during the cold months. If fresh vegetables are too expensive or not available, frozen ones can also be used as a helpful supplement.

Iron is crucial for the offspring

But not only the vitamins are important for the baby, but also protein and iron. Therefore, other important foods in addition to fruit and vegetables are meat and legumes, whereby it is important to ensure that the meat is low in fat and well-done during preparation. Two to three servings of meat per week are recommended. Spinach, kidney beans and soy are also rich in iron, although the latter two should not be eaten too often. Here, once a week is completely sufficient, because even with a low intake (once a week) the body and the child are supplied with enough protein through the consumption of legumes.

Many nutrients are contained in fish

The consumption of fish during pregnancy is very important, because it ensures that the child and mother are supplied with the necessary omega 3 fatty acids and, with its iodine content, it also ensures the healthy development of the baby. Therefore, salmon, tuna & co are important foods that should not be ignored. It is absolutely important that you offer the baby a rich range of all nutrients. From the 16th week of pregnancy, the unborn child already needs 250 calories per day and even more, which means that the mother's energy requirements increase with the size of the child.

Viet Trinh

Especially during pregnancy, it is important that you not only give your child the right nutrients, but also your own body.

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