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Blähungen während der Schwangerschaft

bloating during pregnancy

Whether pregnant or not, everyone suffers from bloating at some point. It is surprising that every person gives vent to their flatulence about 15 times throughout the day, with up...
Eine gesunde Ernährung in der Schwangerschaft

A healthy diet during pregnancy

Especially during pregnancy, it is important that you not only give your child the right nutrients, but also your own body.
Erkältungstee in der Schwangerschaft

Cold tea in pregnancy

When the cold viruses are in high season again, pregnant women are not safe from them either. Should alarm bells ring?
Diabetes Typ 4

type 4 diabetes

Type 4 diabetes, also known as gestational diabetes, develops during pregnancy. Read more!
Wechseljahre - ein Thema, das irgendwann jede Frau etwas angeht!

Menopause - a topic that at some point concerns every woman!

The climacteric, or better known as “menopause”, is the name of the hormonal change in a woman. It's a completely natural process.
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