Consequences of flatulence and flatulence

Poor diet can cause bloating, as can stress, lack of exercise, eating and drinking too quickly, which can cause air to enter the gastrointestinal tract. When you belch, some of the air escapes, some of it goes into the intestine and can escape through the anus. Most of the time, flatulence is totally harmless and just a little uncomfortable. However, intestinal diseases can also be responsible for this. There are also certain fruits and vegetables that are more likely to cause bloating. These are, for example, onions, cabbage, legumes and also a few types of fruit, especially dates. There is also coffee, alcohol , carbonated drinks and some of the vegetable juices. Another reason could be the switch from wheat products to whole grain products. The problem is that the dietary fiber, which is found in abundance in whole grain products, is broken down by the intestinal bacteria in the large intestine. This creates waste products and gases. If an illness is the cause of flatulence, the underlying illness must always be treated. In the case of food allergies, such as lactose intolerance or gluten intolerance, flatulence can also occur. A functional disorder of the pancreas, an irritable stomach or an irritable bowel can also be responsible. It can also be due to medication.

Symptoms & Diagnosis

The symptoms of flatulence are characteristic. This leads to abdominal cramps, a feeling of fullness and abdominal pain, especially in the lower abdominal area. Flatulence can often lead to diarrhea or constipation . If the morning glory smells bad, the stool usually smells that way too. Then a doctor should be consulted to clarify the problem. Normally, a diagnosis is made by the doctor through a thorough interview. This is particularly about the frequency and duration of flatulence. Dietary habits are very important in diagnosis. It is worth writing down what you ate and drank for a few days or weeks for the doctor. It should also be noted on which days the flatulence occurred and the bad smell. Feeling of the abdomen and listening to the intestines with a stethoscope and possibly an ultrasound examination may be necessary. A rectal exam may also be necessary. The doctor examines the rectum with his finger. These examinations are completely painless . If the doctor suspects that other diseases are involved, the doctor can also order laboratory tests. This includes the examination of blood, urine and stool in the laboratory. If a food allergy is suspected, an allergy test may also be necessary. Colonoscopy, gastroscopy or X-rays are not the norm, but they are the best means, especially for stubborn flatulence.

The bloating

Mostly they are harmless and are only temporary. There is also a little you can do about it yourself. Severe flatulence can often lead to severe back cramps. A hot water bottle or a warm wrap will help. So-called defoamers can be found in pharmacies. Before taking medication, the cause should be clarified. If a medical condition is causing the bloating, the underlying condition must be treated.

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