Healthy eating – it helps the body feel good and stay healthy

Eating is a pleasurable affair, that's indisputable, and if you also choose the food consciously, then you can not only enjoy it, you can also promote your physical health. Food also has a positive effect on our psyche.

Healthy eating and its fundamentals

If you want to eat healthily, you have to follow a few basic principles:
  • The body should be supplied with sufficient liquid every day. About 2 - 3 liters are appropriate to prevent physical deficiency symptoms.
  • In any case, the daily menu should contain a lot of fruit and vegetables, because this provides the body with enough nutrients.
  • Eat grain products because they provide energy.
  • A healthy lifestyle is also supported by milk and milk products, because they supply the body with calcium. It is important that these are only consumed in limited quantities, because they contain a lot of fat.
  • Rule of thumb is: You should eat food from all food classes every day! This is how you can ensure that you are supplying your body with all the important nutrients.
  • If you eat right, you also support your body weight! Because if you want to reduce your weight, for example, you can do this by choosing a healthy combination of foods. Combined with sport, it is then easy to lose weight.
  • Choosing your foods well will help you cut calories.

If you eat healthily, you don't have to do without enjoyment and culinary delights

Healthy eating is often associated with "boring" or "untasty" and "boring" food, but that's not the case at all. Because a healthy diet does not exclude taste experiences! For example, you can eat your favorite desserts as well as hearty pasta or delicious snacks. But here you should make sure that you only enjoy them in moderation and that they only make up a small part of your diet. There is a variety of delicious and very tasty as well as delicious dishes , with which one can eat healthy. For most people, the prejudice that healthy food is not tasty usually only persists out of sheer ignorance. Here it is better if you approach the topic openly and get involved with new tastes and approach the unfamiliar. Adjusting to the new diet is extremely easy, and you're not guaranteed to find your own taste the first time, but if you taste something more often and try several things, then your taste buds will unfold and get used to the new taste notes and experiences. When you start eating healthily, your age, taste, personal wishes, physical activity and health play a major role in the choice of food. A few examples show how individually a healthy diet can be designed:
  • Children, for example, have completely different needs and therefore also prefer completely different foods than adults. Because their taste buds are more sensitive and this must be taken into account when it comes to nutrition. In this way, children can easily be introduced to healthy eating with positive taste experiences.
  • The situation is different for seniors, because they have completely different requirements than young people who are physically active.
  • People who are overweight or have weight problems as well as those who are ill have to observe further rules when it comes to eating. This also applies to pregnant women.
  • Then there is the group of vegetarians.
You can see very quickly here that you have to adapt healthy nutrition to your personal wishes and, above all, needs.

How does a healthy diet work?

vegetable platter
The above examples show that it is not only about nutrients and calories, but also about other functions and therefore healthy eating should be viewed holistically from the start.
  • With a healthy diet, it is important that the organism is supplied with all the important nutrients that are important for healthy survival.
  • Health problems should be prevented by a healthy diet, such as: Elevated blood levels, heart disease, age-related diabetes, stroke, tooth decay, obesity and various types of cancer.
  • It should give pleasure to eat healthily and still enable social contact. This means that the healthy diet can also serve to have dinner together, enjoy family gatherings and other celebrations.
  • Healthy foods should create taste experiences, because this can have a positive effect on the psyche.
If you want to fully exploit all the functions of healthy nutrition, you will receive a variety of information that can quickly become confusing. Because if you walk through the supermarket, you will always see new "healthy" foods on the shelves, research results are published and dietary supplements that are conquering the market. But if you only deal with the pure basics and thus have a basic understanding of healthy nutrition, you can change your diet quickly and easily.

Viet Trinh

Eating is a pleasurable affair and if you also choose the food consciously, then you can not only enjoy, but...

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