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Ernährung im Sommer – wichtige Basics

Diet in summer - important basics

In general, the short formula for a healthy diet is: balanced, varied and fresh! Read more tips here!
Wie sieht eine gesunde Ernährung aus?

What does a healthy diet look like?

Every diet should be varied and healthy. This has a major impact on health. Read more!
Gesunde Ernährung und Sport - das gehört zusammen

Healthy nutrition and sport - they belong together

Sport and a healthy diet go hand in hand, as this is a basic requirement that is necessary for athletic performance.
Gesunde Ernährung – sie hilft dem Körper sich wohlzufühlen und gesund zu bleiben

Healthy eating – it helps the body feel good and stay healthy

Eating is a pleasurable affair and if you also choose the food consciously, then you can not only enjoy, but...
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