Cold alert for the skin: now it's time to pamper it properly

When it gets colder outside and the heaters are turned on inside, one thing in particular is affected: the skin . However, they need special attention and care at this time of the year. How and why it needs to be protected is explained here. The temperature change between warm and cold is hard to bear, especially for the skin. The rooms are heavily heated and the air is extremely dry. Not only the outer skin suffers, but also the mucous membranes in the nose and throat . This is not only unpleasant, viruses can also settle much faster and that in turn means: cold time.

Our skin is the most important organ

The weather conditions in winter put a lot of strain on the skin. The warm air from the heating affects her a lot and it's not much better outside either. Wind and sub-zero temperatures reduce blood circulation . Nutrients that she absolutely needs do not penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin and so she is weakened. The skin looks pale and sallow. It is well known that the skin has an abundance of sebaceous glands - in summer these make it supple and slightly shiny. These lipids or fats are missing in winter. The skin, which is now under a lot of strain, develops small cracks - one likes to talk about dryness lines. The uppermost horny layer of the skin has a moisture content of up to 40% in summer, and this can drop to below 10% in winter. The result: the skin is more permeable and external influences can penetrate more quickly.

Proper care is particularly important in winter

In summer, the skin is automatically rubbed with sun protection cream. A high sun protection factor means that we don't get sunburned. In winter, however, the skin is usually neglected. It is understandable that sunscreen is also used in winter, especially at higher altitudes. But what should be done for the skin under normal circumstances? Numerous care creams that are available on the market ensure that our skin does not dry out even in the winter months. With the so-called " cold creams " the skin in need of care is protected, it penetrates deep into the individual layers and provides it with sufficient nutrients and protective barriers. However, these protective creams do not let the cold penetrate so far in the first place, so that they cannot damage the skin in the long term. But when you are back in a warm room, the cream should be washed off again, otherwise the pores will clog and the skin will tend to become blemished more quickly. Tip: In winter, skin care should ideally be done less with hot water, otherwise there is a risk that our largest organ will dry out too much. Soaps and facial tonics containing alcohol should be avoided completely at this time of the year if possible.

What can you do for your skin?

In winter, the skin should be supplied with soothing active ingredients as much as possible. It is important that the cleaning agents have so-called moisturizers. They ensure an optimal balance of the lipids. Even after washing your hands, you should not go without a good cream and your lips also need special care, as they have fewer sebaceous glands and therefore dry out more quickly. The skin on the lips is very thin, which is why extra care is needed here. When it comes to facial care in winter, you should by no means be too economical and make sure that the care products contain a proportion of shea butter or evening primrose oil. Everyone can get advice about their respective skin type in the pharmacy or from a dermatologist. This is important in order to choose the right care product. For example, if someone has oily or combination skin, it is not advisable to use oil-based preparations. Good things cannot always be achieved with the wrong care creams. Either the skin becomes even drier due to incorrect care or it becomes overly greasy - then unwanted impurities can occur. However, the "special" skin care should not be changed at the last minute, but should be carried out in the autumn. Already now creams with more moisture content should be used. People with very dry skin can apply cream several times a day.

Avoid prolonged showers and baths

In the cold season, extensive baths and showers should be avoided, as they also dry out the skin. Likewise, after cleaning the body, the entire skin must be cared for with an oily lotion. The skin needs to be supplied with sufficient moisture right now, otherwise it will itch and scratch. Long walks in the fresh air help the skin to cope better with the temperatures. The blood circulation is promoted and the skin is supplied with sufficient oxygen. Humidifiers should be set up in your own four walls to prevent dehydration here as well.

Special protection for sensitive hands

The skin on the hands is particularly sensitive in winter: they feel dry, crack and tend to redden. In some cases, eczema may continue to appear. The normal hand cream that is used in summer is often no longer sufficient. The hands are a person's business card , if they are neglected, the overall condition of the body is usually no better. If you have torn fingernails or scaly skin on your hands, you are not taking good care of them. Creams with a high fat content help here, because this keeps the water out, which is the most difficult thing for the hands in winter. Here a wellness program for the hands can work wonders to avoid major damage. The hands are generously rubbed with a greasy hand cream and then wrapped in a thick, warm cloth. You can also use a cream with a lavender or wild rose scent. Another option is a quark banana pack. These two components are mixed, applied to the hands and carefully removed after approx. 20 minutes. Bananas contain a valuable fruit acid enzyme that beautifully smoothes the skin. But no matter how many packs and creams are available, you should never leave the house without gloves - they are still the best protection for your hands. Then add a good cream and not much can happen to you until next spring.

Viet Trinh

When it gets colder outside and the heaters are turned on inside, one thing in particular is affected: the skin. Read more about it here!

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