Care tips for dry skin


Those who suffer from dry skin need to be even more careful with it than others. Cleaning should be carried out carefully and gently, and it is essential to avoid aggressive soap and facial tonic containing alcohol . Washing carefully once a day is sufficient and then use a moisturizing face cream. The dry skin that affects around 30% of people is dull, itchy, tight and rough to the touch . Dry skin can have many causes, either the fat and moisture regulation is not right or there are external factors, such as dry air in the rooms or excessive hygiene. It is also a fact that the skin loses moisture with increasing age and thus becomes drier.

What good can you do for your skin?

Wash your hands

Not only for the face, but for the whole body, use water and cleaning agents sparingly . Always rinse off cleaning products very carefully to avoid residues on the skin. Pay attention to a skin-neutral pH value for soap, perfumed soaps and cleaning agents should never be used. It is also important to ensure that the soap does not contain any preservatives, as dry skin is easily irritated and this can lead to increased allergic reactions. Cleansing creams and lotions can be used to gently cleanse the face. Distribute this evenly over the face and remove with a cotton pad. Do a thorough cleaning with a little water. Afterwards, an alcohol-free facial tonic should be applied, which has a calming and anti-inflammatory effect. The body will thank you if it is not exposed to water too often. This does not mean that personal hygiene should be dispensed with, it should simply be different. You should take a shower no more than once a day and not too long and too hot. It would be even better to take a shower every other day and only wash heavily sweating parts of the body. You have to be even more stingy with the full bath, the rule here is once a week at the most and only with special bath oils that do not foam. Do not rub your skin dry after cleaning, just dab it gently .

What about after washing?

Pamper your face and the rest of your body after a bath or shower. It works particularly well with an oil-in-water based lotion. The face can be treated with a nourishing mask two to three times a week. This always has a positive effect on dry skin. Otherwise, it is sufficient to care for the face with a fat cream. People who suffer from dry skin should avoid saunas and rooms that are heavily heated.

The reasons

There are many different causes for dry skin. On the one hand it is a genetic predisposition, on the other hand factors such as hormonal changes during menopause or diseases such as diabetes mellitus play a role. But external influences can also be responsible for this skin problem. Wind, cold or when the skin is exposed to strong sunlight, it reacts very sensitively. Dry heating air in winter or the wrong cleaning agents do the rest. The result is that the skin becomes even drier, scaly and rashes and eczema can form more quickly. Once it starts to itch, this can easily turn into stress for those affected, because the itching often leads to insomnia. The condition of the skin naturally worsens when scratching is extensive, because then the skin is damaged even more. This in turn can lead to inflammatory processes, so that the doctor must be consulted. If someone has dry skin, they should only use care products that contain a lot of fat. These agents ensure that the moisture layer is balanced and suppleness is restored. With greasy lotions and creams, the skin is protected from further drying out and the itching is also combated. Even people who suffer from dry skin can do something about it in the long term. However, it requires regular use. A wafer-thin film of fat should always be on the skin, which must also be constantly renewed. At night, an equally greasy cream helps to protect the skin from further drying out. The water content of the skin should not drop, otherwise it will start to redden and become rough again. However, you should not experiment with the care products and seek advice from the pharmacy. There are special care series that are tailored to dry skin.

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Those who suffer from dry skin need to be even more careful with it than others. And give up a lot. Read more now!

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