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suffer from bloating

It often happens that children suffer from flatulence and this is something completely normal, especially when they are babies . But even if adults suffer from it, this is usually...
Was wirklich hilft bei Flatulenzen!

What really helps with flatulence!

It's almost no longer a taboo subject , even if it's talked about behind closed doors: flatulence or so-called flatulence. Many suffer from it and yet very few people know...
Blähungen während der Schwangerschaft

bloating during pregnancy

Whether pregnant or not, everyone suffers from bloating at some point. It is surprising that every person gives vent to their flatulence about 15 times throughout the day, with up...
Lecker essen – die Ernährung und Flatulenzen

Eat well - the diet and flatulence

Many people suffer from digestive problems and thus often also from increased flatulence, whereby the technical term "flatulence" is known to many, but is hardly ever used in normal language....
Diabetes und Kohlenhydrate

diabetes and carbohydrates

Carbohydrates are the only nutrients that affect blood sugar levels, so they should make up the bulk of it.
Ernährung im Sommer – wichtige Basics

Diet in summer - important basics

In general, the short formula for a healthy diet is: balanced, varied and fresh! Read more tips here!
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