Diet in summer - important basics

In general, the short formula for a healthy diet is: balanced, varied and fresh! But not only the fitness athletes have to eat healthy in summer, but everyone! There's the barbecue evening with friends, the Sunday brunch in the garden with the family and the picnic by the lake: summer brings us to enjoy wonderful delicacies, but this is where a big mistake happens: healthy eating takes a back seat . Because not everything that is so tasty is also good for the body.

But what does the body need on hot days to be fed healthy and balanced?

If you do sports, you need fruit. It doesn't matter whether you cycle, jog or do other sporting activities. Here you have to pay special attention to a healthy diet, since the body produces free radicals. These are aggressive molecules that attack the protective covering of the cells. This then reduces the elasticity of the skin and this explains why an athlete often has more wrinkles. Dark fruits such as blackberries, cherries, black currants and blueberries help here. With them you can eat healthily and they also protect the cells from the malicious molecules through the plant pigment anthocyanins, which they contain. In addition, you have to drink a lot, at least 2.5 - 3 liters per day, because the body loses a lot of liquid on hot summer days.

Even the little ones need to be fed healthily

Especially in summer, the children spend a lot more time outdoors to play and it doesn't matter whether in the garden or in the swimming pool, for example. They need more energy to run around and this must be supplied to the child's body through a healthy and balanced diet. This also applies to adults who do sports outside, such as jogging or cycling. So that the power reserves can be replenished, easily digestible carbohydrates are the best alternative, such as whole grain and cereal products. If this is then combined with plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits, then the effectiveness of the carbohydrates increases due to the potassium that is contained in them and this promotes storage in the energy-rich ones.

You don't have to do without anything.

If you want to eat a healthy and balanced diet, you certainly don't have to do without the delicious grilled food, in fact the opposite is the case! Because you can also grill very healthily by replacing the meat with tuna, salmon, trout, chicken or turkey. All of them contain a lot of vitamins and this is important for bone density. Even vegetables such as courgettes, aubergines and peppers are excellent for grilling and complete the diet.

Viet Trinh

In general, the short formula for a healthy diet is: balanced, varied and fresh! Read more tips here!

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