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Whether pregnant or not, everyone suffers from bloating at some point. It is surprising that every person gives vent to their flatulence about 15 times throughout the day, with up to 40 times being classified as " normal ". If you are pregnant, it is possible that these values ​​will increase and so you should not be surprised if, for example, you keep belching like a world champion in drinking beer or you have to open your pants button because of a strong bloated stomach , even if you are still doesn't even have a small baby bump.

The cause of belching and flatulence

The hormone progesterone is the reason why you experience more belching and bloating during pregnancy, as it is produced in high doses by the body. This hormone is responsible for relaxing the soft muscle tissues in the body including the gastrointestinal tract and also slowing down the digestive process which then leads to increased bloating and belching during pregnancy. The gases are usually caused by air that has been swallowed and the body gets rid of it by belching. The air that enters the large intestine is released again by the bloating. However, the majority of flatulence is caused by the fact that the stomach and small intestine do not fully digest the food with the enzymes, so the large intestine has to take over the task of breaking down the bacteria into its components with the bacteria located there.

Reduce the problem during pregnancy

If you want to reduce flatulence during pregnancy, you should avoid the foods that cause gas. However, it is then difficult to eat a balanced diet if you do without everything that causes the bloating. An alternative is to start by eliminating the most common culprits from your diet such as cabbage, broccoli, asparagus, beans , all kinds of vegetables that containraffinose (a type of sugar). You should also eat several times throughout the day instead of large meals. It is also important to eat in peace and not to gobble up your food. Even chewing gum is not advisable, as this increases the production of saliva, which can lead to flatulence. Yoga is helpful for relaxation and you also learn to breathe better – this is another way of avoiding flatulence. However, if you suffer from very severe flatulence that feels like abdominal cramps and/or pain, then you should definitely see a doctor or talk to the midwife.

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