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What really helps with flatulence!

by Viet Trinh on February 18, 2023

It's almost no longer a taboo subject , even if it's talked about behind closed doors: flatulence or so-called flatulence. Many suffer from it and yet very few people know how to master this problem with very simple means. Flatulence is primarily caused by improper nutrition , which disturbs the intestinal flora. As a result, the intestine is no longer able to properly digest the ingested food. Frequently eating a lot of meat slows down the digestive process and promotes the formation of toxic and foul-smelling gases. A very effective method, for example, is taking wine vinegar after every meal , because the acetic acid it contains promotes digestion and kills bacteria. But even if you eat light food, such as fruit and vegetables, you reduce the discomfort because the digestion process is accelerated and the intestine can therefore pass the stool faster.

Do colonic irrigations help against flatulence?

Anyone who suffers from flatulence can be helped with a colonic irrigation. With such an intestinal lavage, the intestine is completely emptied and also freed from the buildup that can accumulate over years (!). These quite stubborn adhesions, which are located in the folds of the inner wall of the intestine, limit the contractions which are of great importance for the digestive process. Although this method is somewhat out of fashion today, the enema makes it very effective . During an intestinal lavage, approx. 1 liter of water will run into the intestine via the anus, which is mixed with 9 mg of salt. After the enema, the mixture is excreted again, which accelerates the digestion process and frees the rectum from adhesions. The device that is necessary for this is called an “irrigator ” and you can get it quite cheaply in any pharmacy.


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