What does a healthy diet look like?

Every diet should be designed to be varied and healthy . This has a major impact on health. Many diseases, such as diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular diseases, are caused by an unhealthy diet. High intakes of calories, fat and sugar also promote many of the diseases. Foods such as fruit and vegetables, on the other hand, have a very positive effect on health.

Basic food for a healthy diet

A healthy diet includes exercise and a varied diet to meet your need for vitamins, minerals, protein and healthy fat. "Prohibitions" do not necessarily have to be, the piece of chocolate is allowed to be. However, then dark chocolate with a high cocoa content, which boosts fat burning. Meals should be spaced out from three to six a day so the body can process everything better. A healthy diet includes plenty of drinking, preferably water and non-sugared beverages, at least 2 to 3 liters a day. Likewise, fruits and fresh vegetables to meet the need for vitamins and minerals. Of course, everything can be replaced with fruit and vegetable juices, for example on the go. Many foods contain starch that the body needs every day. This starch can be ingested with bread, rice, potatoes, pasta or legumes and should not be missing from any main meal. So that the body is also supplied with calcium to strengthen and form bones, fish and meat should be eaten alternately as part of a healthy diet. Fish contains healthy unsaturated fatty acids that the body needs to burn fat. Dairy products, eggs and cheese are also recommended. Dairy products that are partially skimmed, such as reduced-fat cheese, are recommended. Of course, fats are important for the body, but only in moderation. Too much fat leads to obesity and promotes arteriosclerosis. Hidden fats are plentiful in high-fat cheese, sausage, cream sauces, fried foods and, of course, sweets. Animal fats, such as butter, should be avoided for the sake of health; vegetable fats and oils are preferable. Foods with animal fats contain too much cholesterol and should be consumed as little as possible. Salty snacks, energy drinks and sweets should be consumed in moderation as these foods are packed with unhealthy fats, sugar and alcohol.

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Every diet should be varied and healthy. This has a major impact on health. Read more!

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