type 4 diabetes

The term diabetes type 4 hides the so-called gestational diabetes, also known as gestational diabetes. The disease is called gestational diabetes because it first occurs during pregnancy, but in most cases the mother's sugar metabolism regulates itself after the birth of the child. Only in rare cases does type 1 or 2 diabetes develop.

What the expectant mother should consider

Since there are various risk factors that favor such a disease, the woman should make sure even before pregnancy that she avoids being overweight, for example. If there is already type 2 diabetes in the family, then she should point this out to her gynaecologist. Other factors that indicate such a disease are miscarriages of unknown cause . If the woman has already given birth to a child and its birth weight was over 4500 g , this can also be a hidden indication of possible gestational diabetes. Pregnant women over 30 are also more likely to get it than younger women. If the mother already had such a diagnosis during a previous pregnancy, this will be entered in the maternity card and the doctor will then classify the expectant mother as a high-risk pregnancy and examine it more closely, although this disease does not necessarily have to occur in the further pregnancy. Many pregnant women wonder why their weight is so particularly controlled during pregnancy, this has nothing to do with an ideal of beauty, rather a greater weight gain during pregnancy can also be an indicator that gestational diabetes is present. Some pregnant women may experience increased glucose tolerance at some point, which also suggests that it may be the onset of gestational diabetes. Many doctors are now starting to do an oral glucose tolerance test, also known as a sugar tolerance test, in pregnant women between the 24th and 28th week of pregnancy, even if the risk factors are not present. For most pregnant women with this diagnosis, a change in diet is enough to see improvement. This includes dividing food intake into several meals a day , using whole grain products instead of white flour products, and avoiding sugary foods and drinks. It is also important that the mother-to-be ensures that she gets enough exercise, so going for a walk or swimming is always a good way to support the therapy. In the other cases, insulin therapy must be started. The mother should breastfeed her child for at least three months, as this reduces the risk of renewed gestational diabetes and also type 2 diabetes.

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Type 4 diabetes, also known as gestational diabetes, develops during pregnancy. Read more!

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